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  • Origins:    Turkmenistan
  • Height:  14.3 – 15.2 hh (148-155cms)
  • Colour:  Pale gold with black points, chestnut, grey and black.
  • Features:  Originally a war-horse used by the Turkoman warriors, it is now used for racing, where it is prized for its stamina.





  • Origins: Mongolia
  • Height:  13.3 – 17hh (137 -. 170cms)
  • Colour:  Chestnut, bay, black, grey and spotted.
  • Features:  This hardy breed owes much of its hardy soundness and ability to thrive without supplementary feeding on the harsh climatic conditions of the region. Often crossed with other pure breeds to produce horses for a variety of uses.



Alter Real


  • Origins: Portugal
  • Height:: 15 -15.3 hh (150 – 158cms)
  • Colour:  Bay, Brown, Grey
  • Features:  As with so many types from southern Europe there is a strong Arabian influence from horses the Moors brought to Spain. They inherit the intelligence and athleticism of the Arabian but being larger, and of a generally quieter temperament, are prized as 'high school' horses.


American Saddle Horse


  • Origins: U.S.A., Official founding stallion of the breed was the English Thoroughbred, Denmark.
  • Height:  15 - 16 hh (150 – 160cms)
  • Colour:  Bay, Brown, Black, Chestnut, Grey
  • Features:  Now bred almost exclusively for the show ring, the horse exhibits breeding, brilliance and high, proud head and tail carriage.




  • Origins: Brought by the Moors into Spain (Andalucia)
  • Height:  15.1 - 15.3 hh (152 – 158cms)
  • Colour:  Grey, Bay, Black, Roan
  • Features:  Another southern European horse owing much to the Arabian. Obedient, tractable and athletic with eye-catching, high stepping paces.  Becoming popular across the world for dressage, showjumping and 'fun' riding, it is used in Spain particularly for 'high school' work and also bull-fighting. Up until quite recent times ‘dishing’ of the front feet was not only common but also expected. The Spanish military stand stallions of excellent type and breeding at stud in various areas. Service charges are reasonable in order to offer local mare owners access to good breeding. This intelligent attitude has resulted in the creation of a great national asset which produces excellent export value.



  • Features:  Origins: Any cross between pure-bred Arab and Thoroughbred
  • Height:  14.2 - 16.2 hh (145 –165cms)
  • Colour:  Bay, Brown, Chestnut, Grey, Black, 
  • Features:  Intelligence, stamina, athleticism and grace.  Competes to the highest level in all disciplines.


  • Origins: U.S.A. and now world-wide
  • Height:  14.2 - 16 hh (145 to 160 cms)
  • Colour:  Spotted
  • Features:  There is some controversy over the Apaloosa as it is considered by some to be a colour rather than a breed. There is a great variety of conformation, particularly in those countries which have only recently adopted a studbook for the ‘breed’. They are used for many activities, including general riding, but as individuals may possess any one of a variety of bloodlines from almost any breed it is not possible to generalise over their qualities.





  • Origins: Austro-Hungary
  • Height:  15.1. - 15.3 (152 – 158cms)
  • Colour:  Bay, Dun, Cream, may have spots
  • Features:  Pure-breds used for harness, part-breds for saddle.


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