Breeds B



  • Origins:    Mixture of Arabs and Barb horses imported from Java (Indonesia) to the Cape (South Africa) by the Dutch East London Company in 1653 and is the direct ancestor of the Cape Horse
  • Height:  14 - 14.3 hh (140 148cms)
  • Colour:  Chestnut, Grey, Bay, Brown, Black
  • Features:  Possessed of great powers of endurance (can carry 13 - 14 stone for 60 - 80 miles a day)  



  • Origins:  A French horse bred on the rather poor land of Bretagne and exposed to rough winter climate.
  • Height:  There are three types:  Heavy draught:  15.2 - 16.2 hh. (155 165cms) Draught post 15 - 16 hh (150 160cms) (Postier Breton),  and Mountain draught:  up to 14.3 hh.  (148cms)
  • Colour:  Bay, Chestnut, Roan, Strawberry roan, Grey, Black.
  • Features:  Has an excellent reputation for its great willingness, hardiness and working qualities.




  • Origins:  Russia,  A 20th century breed, created as an ideal cavalry horse, with Thoroughbred in its ancestry.
  • Height:  15.2 - 16.1 hh (155 163 cms)
  • Colour:  Chestnut, bay or brown.
  • Features:  Speed, endurance and tractability.  




  • Origins:  Baluchistan, Sind provinces and parts of the Punjab
  • Height: Around 15.2 hh (155cms)
  • Colour: Bay, chestnut, and grey.
  • Features:


Breeds C




  • Origins:  Rhone delta of France, an ancient breed of Caspian pony type.
  • Height:  13.1 - 14.1 (133 141cms)
  • Colour:  Grey
  • Features:  Still roams in wild herds in S. France.  When caught and trained they make excellent mounts.


Cleveland Bay


  • Origins:  Breed of great antiquity, with uncertain origin, perhaps of Roman import, but practically indigenous to the county of Yorkshire, UK.  150 years ago, this horse was probably the nearest to a 'fixed type' of any breed in England.  Even then two types existed - for agriculture and coaching.
  • Height:  15.3 - 16.2 hh (158 165cms)
  • Colour:   Always of a whole bay colour.
  • Features:  Clean legged, active horse now used for breeding hunters.  Great substance, stamina, strength and tractability.


Clydesdale Stallion


  • Origins:  Native of Lanarkshire, Scotland.  Breed dates to middle of 18th Century when the hardy native breed was upgraded by use of Flemish stallions to meet the demand for more weight and substance.
  • Height:  16.2 - 18 hh (165 180cms)
  • Colour:  Preferably bay or brown with white stripe on face and white stockings up to and over the knee and hock.
  • Features:  "Quality and weight without grossness and bulk".  Long, arching neck; high wither; short, strong back; long, muscular quarters; high-set tail; long limbs with abundance of fine feathering.  Energetic, active mover with great strength, an ideal work horse.




  • Origins:  A breed of great antiquity.  Popular belief holds that horses from the wrecks of the Spanish Armada were rescued and founded this breed, but more likely is the introduction of Arab blood from Spain through trade with Galway merchants
  • Height:  13 - 14 hh (130 140cms)
  • Colour:  Predominantly Grey, but also black, bay, brown and dun.
  • Features:  A hardy breed, docile and intelligent with good riding shoulders.




  • Origins:  A cross between pure bred Andalusian horses and Arab and Barb strains brought to S America by Spain at the time of conquest.  The breed has existed for over 350 years. 
  • Height: 13.3 - 15 hh (138 150cms)
  • Colour:  Dun with dark points and dorsal stripe.  Can also be chestnut, bay, palomino, or red or blue roan.
  • Features:  Ideal for cattle herding, quick, agile, manoeuvrable and intelligent, they are bred with Thoroughbreds to produce the Argentinean Polo pony. Horses of great endurance - "Mancha" and "Gato", at the ages of 17 and 18, were the heroes of Tschiffely's ride from Buenos Aires to New York (13,350 miles)  


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