Breeds – D




  • Origins:  Eastern side of the Pennines in northern England. Very similar to the Fell breed from the western side. 
  • Height:  13.2 - 14.2 (135 – 145cms)
  • Colour:  Black, Brown, Grey, Bay
  • Features:  The Dales has long been used for a pack pony, transporting lead to coastal ports.  Used today for trekking and showing.  Courageous, intelligent and with tremendous energy.




  • Origins:  Indigenous to Denmark, crossed at various times with Dutch, Spanish and Turkish horses, and English Thoroughbreds to produce the current range of Danish breeds.
  • Height:  14.2. - 15.2 hh (145 – 155cms)
  • Colour:  Bay, Brown, Black, Chestnut
  • Features:  Types vary from a useful, strong carthorse to, in coastal districts a smaller pony type.


Dartmoor Pony


  • Origins:  One of the eight original Mountain and Moorland native pony breeds of Britain, indigenous to the south-west peninsula of England (Dartmoor)
  • Height: 12  - 12.2 (120 – 125cms)
  • Colour: Bay, Brown, Black, Chestnut and Grey
  • Features:  Excellent first pony for children, being of a quiet, kind and reliable temperament.  Good 'doers'.




  • Origins: Gudbrandsdal Valley of Norway (after which it is sometimes called)
  • Height:  Around 15.2 hh. (155cms)
  • Colour:  Bay, Brown, Black, Chestnut and Dun
  • Features:  One of the smallest of the coldbloods. Two distinct types: heavy draft and lighter trotter are found, but as interbreeding between the two increases a more consistent ‘mid-point’ is seen in progeny. A horse of great stamina and pulling power, also noted as a trotter.





  • Origins:  Don Valley, Russian Steppes
  • Height:  Originally around 14 hh. The modern horse, a result of crossing the Don with English Thoroughbreds to produce the Anglo-Donetz, is 15.3 - 16.2 hh (158 – 165cms) 
  • Colour:  Chestnut and Bay
  • Features:  Largest of the native breeds, with characteristic ram-like head.  Great stamina and ability to survive extremes of temperature and conditions.


Breeds – E


Exmoor Pony


  • Origins:  One of the original eight mountain and moorland breeds of the British Isles, found in the Exmoor Forest in southwestern England.
  • Height:  12.2 - 12.3 hh (125 – 128cms)
  • Colour:  Bay-brown or dun with mealy upper and lower eyelids which were once known locally as ' toad-eyes' and colour merging into mealy up the legs, under belly and inside forearms and legs.
  • Features:  Ideal children's first pony, with good conformation and a kind temperament.


Estonian Pony.


  • Origins:  Estonia, imported into Russia in 14th cent.
  • Height: 14.1 hh (142cms)
  • Colour: Chestnut, Bay, Dun & Grey
  • Features: A breed that has changed very little, very characteristic of the original native breed of the area. Known for its willingness and extreme endurance it has provided foundation stock for several other newer breeds. No longer kept on the Estonian mainland there are only about 1000 left on three islands. It is now used for light agricultural work and as a riding horse for children.


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