Breeds F


Fell Pony


  • Origins:  Once identical with the original Dales pony, this is now found on the western side of the Pennines in northern England
  • Height:  13.1 - 14 hh (132 140cms)
  • Colour:  Bay, brown, black or grey.
  • Features:  A true mountain type powerfully built and alert looking, with abundant hair on mane, tail and heels.  Very tough, hardy and sure footed, and an excellent ride and drive pony.




  • Origins:  Bred from the indigenous forest pony of Finland
  • Height:  around 15.2  (155cms)
  • Colour:  Chestnut, Bay and Brown
  • Features:  Tough, long-lived, even-tempered and fast.




  • Origins:  Norwegian native crossed with Asiatic and Arab.  There are two types, the Fjord Pony of West Norway, very much saturated with Arab blood, and the medium-sized Godbrandsdal Valley or Ostland Horse. 
  • Height: Fjord Pony around 14 hh (140cms), Godbrandsdal Valley around 15hh (150cms)
  • Colour:  Fjord Pony usually grey, Godbrandsdal Valley is usually dun, cream or yellow with dorsal 'eel' stripe, with upright black and silver mane.
  • Features:  Extremely hardy, with easygoing temperament.  Used for agriculture, forestry, draught, riding and driving.




  • Origins: Denmark.  Named for a town near Copenhagen where a great stud existed from 1562 to 1862.
  • Height:  15.3 - 16 hh (158 160cms)
  • Colour:  Chestnut is most common
  • Features:  A high-class horse that was used all over Europe for high school, cavalry and harness work.



Breeds G


Gallego (Galician)


  • Origins: Galicia (Northwest Spain) A descendent of the Celtic and Roman horse.
  • Height:  120 130cms
  • Colour:  Chestnut
  • Features:  A typical representative of the north European pony, types of which are found in many Atlantic coastal regions as far north as Scotland. Now more a tourist attraction at the yearly fair, during which they are rounded up and some sold, than in any serious use.







  • Origins: China, Yunnan and Sichuan provinces.
  • Height:  8.2 10 hh (86 100cms)
  • Colour:  Bay
  • Features:  A small pony of great interest, perhaps a breed of great antiquity.


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