Breeds T


Tennessee Walking Horse


  • Origins:  Tennessee, U.S.A.  It owes its foundation to one prepotent sire, "Black Allen" foaled in 1886, a standard bred trotter of Hambletonian and Morgan ancestry.
  • Height:  15 - 16 hh (150 160cms)
  • Colour:  Black and Chestnut predominate, although roan is also frequent, and white markings are often conspicuous.
  • Features:  Unusual gaits, 'flat-foot walk', 'running-walk' and rocking-chair canter are all common to trained horses of this breed.



  • Origins:  Russia, northern Caucasus.  In the 1920s some of the few remaining (but now extinct) Strelets, large Arab types based on Ukrainian mares and selected oriental sires, were collected at the Tersk Stud and were further crossbred with Arabs, Dons, Kabardin, and Shagyas from Hungary.  The breed was officially recognised in 1948.
  • Height:  14.3 - 15.1 hh (148 153cms)
  • Colour:  Grey, but can be Chestnut or Bay
  • Features:  Athletic, gentle and intelligent horse with good qualities of endurance.  Used for both riding and harness work.


Thoroughbred Bahram


Thoroughbred - Gainsborough


  • Origins:  Derived from 3 foundation Arabian and Barb stallions over English mares.
  • Height:  14.2 17 hh (145 170cms)
  • Colour:  Bay, Brown, Chestnut, Grey, and Black.
  • Features:  Bred for precocious speed, the Thoroughbred is usually a very beautiful horse and a true description of it  is that it is the highest class of light horse imaginable, so far as concerns conformation and general appearance.  Now used not only in racing, but also as an all-round Sports Horse.




  • Origins:  The Trakehnen Stud, founded by William 1, King of Prussia in 1732.  Of Smudish breed, it was graded up by Arab, and English Thoroughbreds of a heavier type.  Some Turkoman blood was also introduced.
  • Height:  16 - 16.2 hh (160 165cms)
  • Colour:  Dark, of any solid colour.
  • Features:  A beautiful and good-tempered breed, it is a good riding horse.


Breeds U




  • Origins:  Ukraine.  Foundation stock was imported and included Hanoverian, Trakhenen, Nonius, Furioso, Gidran and, later, Thoroughbred.
  • Height:  Around 16 hh (160cms)
  • Colour: Bay, Black or Chestnut
  • Features:  A new type of Sports Horse developed by the Russians to provide them with a high class competition, riding and driving horse, at which they have been very successful, winning Olympic medals for dressage.


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