Breeds V


Viatka Pony.


  • Origins:  The Kirov and Udmurt regions of Russia.  A primitive type of pony, which has evolved from the Przewalski and Tarpan.
  • Height:  13 - 15 hh (130 150cms)
  • Colour:  Dun and light brown, often with a dorsal 'eel' stripe.
  • Features:  Used in the past for pulling sleds, useful under saddle and in harness. 




  • Origins:  Vladimir, Russia.  Developed from imported foundation stock of Suffolk Punch, Clydesdale, Shire, Ardennes and Percheron.
  • Height:  15 - 16.1 hh (150 163cms)
  • Colour:  Bay, Black, Chestnut
  • Features:  Heavy draught work and pulling Vladimir Troika sleighs.


Breeds W


Welsh Cob  - Section D


  • Origins:  An old established breed from Wales.  Descended from the Welsh Mountain pony and Andalusian blood.
  • Height:  14 - 15.1 (140 153cms)
  • Colour:  All colours except piebald and skewbald.
  • Features:  Perhaps the best ride and drive horse in the world.


Welsh Mountain Pony and Welsh Pony


  • Origins:  One of the eight original breeds forming the mountain and moorland group of Britain, its origin is so remote as to be incalculable.  There may have been an infusion of Arab blood during Roman times.  
  • Height:  Welsh Mountain (Section A) to 12.2 hh. (125cms) Welsh Pony (Section B) to 13.2 hh.  (135cms) Welsh Pony (Section C) to 14 hh. (140cms)
  • Colour:  All solid colours.
  • Features:  Hardy, tough, intelligent and courageous, and have been crossbred with Arabs and Thoroughbreds to produce fine riding ponies of all sizes.


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