The Arabian

The Arabian merits a category of its own. In part because of its importance in the development of the riding horse, but also due to the differences between Arabians throughout the world. There is now an internationally accepted breed standard, but even so there is some variation, which can, at times, create controversy.

  • Origins: Northern Africa
  • Height:  14.2 – 15.2 (145 – 155cms)
  • Colour:  Chestnut, Bay, Grey, and Black.
  • Features:  Considered by many to be the oldest and most important breed, both pure and for crossing with any other breed. Energetic, athletic, adaptable and intelligent with great natural elevation in its paces.

Arabian Champion Stallion - Raktha - A  Kehilan Rodan - c 1950

                                                   A representative of one of the ‘classic ‘ bloodlines.



Arabian Stallion Sanfoin - c 1950

A typical English Arabian of the time, good depth and a less dished face than might be expected in more modern examples, the neck is also somewhat deeper at its junction with the head.


Arabian Champion Stallion Suvorov - c 1950

Not too different from the type many modern show judges seem to prefer.


Arabian Champion Stallion - U.S Egyptian - modern.

Once again the set of the head is somewhat accentuated.


Arabian Stallion Nami - Egyptian – Modern

Though modern, and also Egyptian, this example is clearly different to that above, and is similar in many respects to Sanfoin.


Arabian Stallion Hillview Equaliser - NZ Endurance - Modern

Bred primarily for endurance this is a less ‘showy’example, but one that produces an excellent Anglo-Arabian cross.


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