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Equine Behavior - E-Book - is the result of 16 years of research into naturally occurring equine behavior. 

The basis for these behaviors are investigated and their implications for horse ownership and keeping,  and the design of supportive management systems, are discussed in detail.

Horsonality, the revised 3rd edition of the book, has recently been completely updated, and contains a large number of original photographs from the research archive, plus illustrations.

Content and details:

Chapter       Title                                                                        

   1.          Evolution.   -   9,529 words. (58.6KB)

   2.          Domestication and Tameness.   -   8,070 words. (62.6KB)  

   3.          Foundations of Psychology & Behaviour.   -   5,515 words.  (60.9KB)      

   4.          The Equine Family.   -   13,046 words. (90.3KB)

   5.          The Bachelor Group Making of a Stallion.   -   4,086 words. (29KB)  

  6.          Behaviour and Enclosure Management.   -   8,445 words. (61.4KB)    

   7.          Body Language Kinesics & Proxemics.   -   7,125 words. (83.7KB)   

  8.          Training & the Psychology of Learning.   -   17,945 words. (186KB)   

  9.                    The Tack we fit; Gadgets & Gimmicks or the paraphernalia of servitude?   -   8,190 words.


10.                      Welfare, Ethics & Rights; Work & the 5 Freedoms.  -  5,395 words. (52.9KB)


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